Since its foundation in 1999, started with the outsourcing of its fulfillment activities. The yearly turnover at that point was 10 million euro.  In 2012 this turnover grew up to approximately 400 million euro. During this period and Docdata became historic partners.

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de Bijenkorf

The total online assortment of the Bijenkorf, a Dutch high-end department store is fulfilled by Docdata. The quality of our state of the art fulfillment process are especially shown during action periods as ‘ The Three Crazy Days’, When daily volumes rises up to a tenfold of the normal operation. 

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ace & tate

The start up, Ace & Tate launched in 2013 a new concept for the online sales of prescription (sun)glasses.  Ace & Tate was looking for a fulfillment partner that believed in this idea and found Docdata as its preferred fulfillment partner. 

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Wine in Black


Wine in Black introduced in 2012  a new concept for the online sales of special wines. The focus was from day one, cross border expansion.  The growth seems unstoppable, but requires specific fulfillment capabilities.

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During the start-up phase, Zalando required an e-commerce service provider to deliver fulfilment and returns services. Challenging conditions were defined for the massive growth Zalando had planned. Aside a service-oriented approach and an efficient IT-department, the flexibility of their future partner played a crucial role in their decision.

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